Not Foldable Not Plug-in Octopus, then Linkable

2022-08-17 09:19:56


All-by-One linkable Grow Light up to 1200W by a single universal 2-bar module.

Learning from 1-tier players like Fluence, people made plug-in "octopus" type grow light for high power ones, which had been the mainstreas untill the market success of foldable grow light by Sundopt/Sungrow (the typical model MB2).

Naturally and obviously nowadays that both "Octopus" and "Foldable" grow lights are the mainstream for large scale commercial plant.

Reason for success of plug-in "Octopus" grow light is that it's importers/distributors' friendly, because the compact packaging for more quantity loading per container (which saves the transportation costs), and the easy plug-in design for installtion if a bar failure hanppened. 

Foldable grow light became another mainstream due to its direct installation friendly to the growers, who actually had been eduring the headache of annoying bars plug-in bothering.

Then, is there a way out to comprise the headaches of the above mentioned mainstreams, as well as keeping the advantages? -- Yes, make it linkable by the SAME UNIVERSAL connective bar. 

The universal bar works as a lighting engineer module as well working as a light bar separately (which is also a good solution for UV or IR/FR enhanced bars for higher yield plant for master grade growers). This bar consists of universal linkable module, buit-in driver solution and smart socket wiring/cable plug-in solution.  

100W per bar is a reasonable spec. design, and up to 1200W by 6 bars is perfect options for large scale commercial cannabis plant.

As the fixtures for general lighting, optics design (it's spectrum solution for a grow light) is always soul of a light, so does a cannabis lamp.

Master growers, full of both plant knowledge and on field experience, always have special and customized requirement for grow light solution, so that a complete and improving database is always a must to meet various professional pro demand.

Author: Roger Xu
Not Foldable Not Plug-in Octopus, then Linkable
All-by-One linkable Grow Light up to 1200W by a single universal 2-bar module.
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