How "XMan" to compete with others like Mars?

2022-08-16 09:45:53


LED Quantum Board Grow Light

What is a quantum board grow light? The term “quantum board” was first introduced by Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG for short), a relatively new supplier of LED grow lights. It referred to a new style of light where a large number of small LED diodes are affixed to a flat board. 

Quantum boards are pieces of boards that are lined with LED chips. The chips are spread all over the boards. This way that they get their power supply simultaneously from the same source.

Most indoor growers buy quantum board LED grow lights to illuminate their plants and ensure they blossom well. Are the quantum board grow lights worth it, though? Do they make any difference in the wellbeing and productivity of crops?

The various choices available in the market have already approved that quantum grow light is a workable soluiton for cannabis plant.  

But does really brands like "Mars" or "Gavita" or "Fluence" mean everything and an once for all absolutely right option to handle all issues for a good harvest?

Of course, unfortunately, not really. Know-why and know-how is always the most factor to professional business, such as farming for marihuana.  

As well as the right spectrum to assure fruitful flower of the plant, one also needs to pay attention to other competitive points of a light to differentiat the product to make a difference and make sense for the business success.

· unique design with IP protection to keep one's unique ID in the market

· right and competitive spec. to assure the excellent performance for final satisfactory flowering and harvest

Human friendly installation to assure convenient plant for home growers.

It's important and key factors for Know-why and Know-how spectrum and patented and installation easy structural design to assure business success, but it's not enough, one of the vital factory for quantum grow light and maybe also the 1st thing--A COMPETITIVE PRICE.

Author: Roger Xu
How "XMan" to compete with others like Mars?
LED Quantum Board Grow Light
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