Time & Tests Approved Grow Light available in LA

2022-06-21 09:43:38


Why has grow light for marihuana plant been so hot since 2020, especially in USA? The answer seems quite easy--market driven.

Why has grow light for marihuana plant been so hot since 2020, especially in USA? The answer seems quite easy--market driven.

Naturally, more and more Chinese factories entered into the army for production of grow light from generally lighting fixtures from 2020, and in this year 2021, floods of factories in this game. In reality, so many players that many have started or been forced to "get down" from this "too hot" business. 

The voices about grow light business in USA quite confusing from various channels--most common comments is that the market is down, many factories are doing grow light inventory clearance in USA for capital return for survival (this is a destructive behavior to both themselves and the other players in this game), but also some companies say the business is good and the demand or potential of this market is promising. Especially, voice of the local professional hydroponics supplier/brand have great confidence in this business. So, what happened? 

One common logic is costs of cannabis has decreased a lot, which naturally leads to demand downward for grow light, which for sure leads to price down and bad business for grow light. 

Sounds logical and reasonable, but why costs of cannabis decreased a lot? Too many LED grow light adopted leads to higher productivity so that costs of cannabis down? Still sounds logical. But, not really. 

The key problem-shooting chain is: too many unprofessional factories have made too many low end LED grow light (in their opinion, it's just a lighting fixture, no need professional knowledge about the horticulture itself)-> too many intermediaries care nothing but price (sell as low as possible, and re-sell to growers as high as possible)->too many growers plant by the low end lights and harvest of the cannabis will be naturally low end, whose costs for sure low......

But for the optimistic side, they have been sticking to quanlity by scientific R&D planning upon photosynthesis research and field testings, and they target for the professional growers or business channels. So that outcome of their lights is good, and cannabis harvest is high and quality, which sell good and always sell at good profit, and even actually shortage of supply.

So, it comes to the point: how to make a right grow light? Well, it's a big question, too big to answer. But at leaset, we shoud get to know how to choose a right and quality grow light. 

The best and easiest and most effective answer is: it's approved by time and tests!

Of course, it's better if one's product have good comments from the growers. Even the comparison is not good, we still have to understand the reason. As the finally result of harvest mainly decided by perfecet balance among LCN (light, CO2 and Nutrient)

Yes, we are professional for lighting fixtures, but we do have to remember that hoticulture lighting is far more than a single light! The key is not to adopt Sosen driver or Samsung LEDs (which are like body of a person), the key should be the control (which is like the brain of a person), which could influece the growth result crytically!

It's great if one always have sufficient inventory for the 3 years well market tested and hot sell items for 100-250-480W-720W-1000W grow light in Los Angeles, CA!

Author: Roger Xu
Time & Tests Approved Grow Light available in LA
Why has grow light for marihuana plant been so hot since 2020, especially in USA? The answer seems quite easy--market driven.
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