• Product Name: Hepburn Smart Floor Light
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Hepburn Flood Light and Kong Table Light


Ambient Lighting

Two light source modules adopted for Hepburn Floor Light, and the ambient is guided out by acrylic shade, and meanwhile, various colors created out gradually, with options for fabulous colorful modes


Central Major Lighting

CREE XPE LEDs adopted to assure CRI90/900lm for the module for major lighting part to meet demands for applications like reading, ambient lighting and the like.


Patent Magnetic Ball Dimmer

As an Innovative Design, the wireless magnetic ball is to control major lighting. Of / Off, dim higher or lower are human friendly controlled by the magic ball.


More Fun by Gesture Control

Separate motion sensor located on two sides at bottom of the shade to control the ambient lighting. Various colors switch done by as simple as hand waving.


Patent Design for the Invisible Light Source

Individually developed nano material to assure higherl light output transparency (300% higher than traditional material), to go with the high end acrylic shade to achieve Visible Light, but Invisible Fixture.


Gradual Color Changing

Avision Color Smooth Out

4 Heights Adujstable

Hepburn Floor Light
Hepburn Floor Light, Ambient Floor Light, Gesture Control Light, IoT Light
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